Arts And Healthier Working

Thursday 20th September 2018, 10am- – 3pm

Walk The Plank, Cobden Works, 37 – 41 Cobden Street, Salford, M6 6WF

This event will explore how the arts can help people who have experienced mental illness or have disabilities and who want to work, how we should start to think about the future of work and how workers and activists in the culture and health sectors think about taking care of their own health. Speakers will include Michael Eeckelaers, NHS Central Manchester Clinical Commissioning Group, Clare Mayo (NHS Clinical Commissioning Group, Salford) and Esme Ward, the newly appointed Director of Manchester Museum.

We have a great line-up of speakers. Michael Eeckelaers, GP at West Gorton Medical Centre and Clinical Lead for GM Population Health will introduce the event from a health perspective, while Esme Ward, the newly appointed Director of Manchester Museum, will look at the theme from the point of view of arts and culture. There will be case studies from Salford, Liverpool, Manchester and Australia and a former doctor, a Clinical Commissioner, and two cultural practitioners will help us think about what else it might be possible to do to improve health and wellbeing in working lives. Add to this the opportunity to meet with lots of people who care about the contribution arts can make – and you’ll come away inspired and invigorated. 

Book now – there are just a few places still available on


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