Motherhood and Earlier Years

Friday 19th October 2018, 10am – 3pm

Performance Space, Gallery Oldham, Oldham, OL1 1AL

“The developmental benefits of arts include: motor skills, language development, decision-making, visual learning, inventiveness, cultural awareness, improved academic performance’ The Importance of Art in Child Development, Grace Hwang Lynch

“Giving every child the best start in life is crucial to reducing health inequalities across the life course. The foundations for virtually every aspect of human development – physical, intellectual and emotional – are laid in early childhood. What happens during these early years, starting in the womb, has lifelong effects on many aspects of health and well-being – from obesity, heart disease and mental health, to educational achievement and economic status” Fair Society, Healthy Lives’ The Marmot Review

On Friday 19th October, at Gallery Oldham, we will be holding the third Live Well Make Art event to happen as part of a programme funded through Greater Manchester Combined Authority’s Great Places initiative. It will explore ways in which the arts can help mothers, early years children and families. The event will be introduced by Dr. Carolyn Wilkins (Chief Executive, Oldham Council) and Clive Parkinson (Director of Arts for Health at Manchester Metropolitan University; the UK’s longest established arts and health unit).

This is an opportunity to:

– Learn from local and national case studies
– Share your knowledge and expertise with others
– Consider innovative ways of making a difference and new possibilities for collaboration
– Find out more about LWMA’s Great Places programme, including our micro-grants initiative

The event is free to attend, and lunch is provided.


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